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  • angyts.eth Proposals Apr 25, 2022
    Proposal Template
  • kravi Proposals Jun 23, 2022
    For Seamless Engagement & POAP issuing System | Twitter Spaces

    Based on my observations, while attending TheOpenDAO twitter spaces, I felt there's a need for an automatic system that records members' attendance, and thus issue POAPs, ( or other rewards, later) with minimum intervention.

    There's no ready product (or smart contract) as such i...

  • angyts.eth Proposals Jun 22, 2022
    SOSIP-21-How frequent should we have AMAs in our discord?
  • qiangjinjiu General Jun 14, 2022
    When will the 721MAX be released

    When will the 721MAX be released

  • xiaobaobao General Jun 14, 2022
    is nft the future

    is nft the future

  • xiaobaobao General Jun 14, 2022
    xiaobao~~is comming

    xiaobaois commingxiaobaois comming

  • jt603 General Jun 12, 2022 part of the allow list for the Lunar NFT project will be given to holders of The OpendDAO Genesis NFT
  • jt603 General May 29, 2022
    the addresses who would get WL with their genesis NFTs for Lunar (Snapshot made 2022.05.28)
  • TheDeepFunds Archived May 29, 2022
    DRAFT: Proposal for the Creation of OpenDAO Reddit Community

    Dear OpenDAO Community,

    I am so excited to introduce this proposal! With the help of @HeadPoncho and Discord Tag: Inbeforetheclose1234#2500

    Please go over the first draft of the proposal and ...

  • jt603 General May 29, 2022
    2022/05/17 official announcement : how we will reward the TheOpenDAO community and Genesis NFT holders