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Vision Mission and Values

Dear all, thank you all for your comments on

I have tried to incorporate as much as possible, and I've chosen to simplify it. Ultimately if all of us have to vibe with this, It has to be kept simple, and understood by even my 7 years old.

This is what I got from combining most of the comments:


To create a decentralized community of digital natives united by the common goals of:

  • Building $SOS to be the central asset for the metaverse and web3 communities;
  • Bridging the gap between existing intellectual property and the metaverse;
  • Building core infrastructure for the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) ecosystem.


  1. $SOS to be the “Top of the Mind” token for NFTs.
  2. Support emerging artists and their original work.
  3. Compensate verified scam victims on OpenSea with $SOS.
  4. Drive education in the space.


OpenDAO is born from a ground-up initiative by the web3 community, and these are our values

Humane : Even though the very objective of our vision is to be decentralised and completely democratise metaverse users, we have not forgotten that we are all still human.  With that, we continue to acknowledge and uphold humane ethics in this decentralised model.  empirical8#2089 OpenDAO should participate with benevolence in the NFT and Cryptospace, seizing the daily opportunities to undertake action that empowers its vision through acts of generosity, kindness and respect toward the communities and users of the crypto-space.

Action: Execution oriented. OpenDAO treasury spending to be guided by objectives and key results (OKRs), key performance indicators (KPIs), accountability and transparency.

Education: Lack of proper education leads to speculation and short term thinking. With revenue, we can drive education in the NFT, art and crypto space.

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Dr.BTCJan 28, 2022

Great work! Please keep it up! More and more into your articles and shining ideas from the well-organized words!

vincemanguyJan 29, 2022

This is compact and perfectly understandable! Awesome work!

kenryuJan 29, 2022

Really appreciate your dedication! Please keep up the good work!

Darkspac3Jan 29, 2022

Great post. thanks

KryptoniteJan 29, 2022

great work your guys are doing.

JONESJan 29, 2022

Great post. thanks!!!

And3rJan 29, 2022

Outstanding job!

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TSM0436Jan 29, 2022

My google doc name is EDENS AVRIL, this is the part i wrote about: Good afternoon, I am very please with this project and we have so much potential to achieve greatness. There is something very important that can be very useful that I would love to share with the team members and the community. I would like to suggest that we create a platform inside SOS where people can see what NFT is hot, what nft is selling more in the last minutes, last 24h, last 7 days, last 30 days....., we can add a sniper feature where metadata is updated and revealed happen before opensea where people can snipe NFT. We can add a feature for people to buy NFT based on rarity, price, and traits, those are just for the beta and we can add much more features that help and benefit our community. we can create an NFT with a total of 5k at .35 ETH mint price for a total of around $5 000 000. Those NFTs can serve as a lifetime pass for anyone who owns them for the platform. And for non-holders, they will have to pay a monthly fee in $SOS for the platform, in which 50% will go to holders, 20% for burning of $SOS, and the 30% for whatever the team thinks is best. Moreover, a 10% royalty in which 50% goes to the burning of $SOS and the other 50% for whatever the team chooses to. People with OPEN Dao Genesis NFT can have a discount in the mint. I think this will push us to greatness. Those are suggestions that can be reviewed, but please if you guys consider this precious idea I would love to be a part of it. my name is EDENS my discord name is TSM#0436 and my email address is [email protected]. thank you

angyts.ethJan 29, 2022

got it, this is some kind of NFT tools right. I think we certainly can support existing projects that are building this first, instead of trying to build something from scratch. But i think a grant application could be possible too.

tipped you 696942 $SOS

TSM0436Jan 29, 2022

great is it something you would be interested in if i can plan it and work on it?

Takomi02Jan 29, 2022


BravoDuckFeb 1, 2022

Continue moving forward .

xinyifFeb 17, 2022

great @angyts.eth

Reply to TSM0436...
sharron.ethJan 29, 2022

Keep up the great work! All the best!

firerescue.ethJan 29, 2022

Love this project! Thanks for all the support!

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