Partnership with 5ricestudio to start
Mar 3, 2022


Blue.Doheny#8108 (f.k.a Chief Logistical Ape) from 5ricestudio. Read more about 5ricestudio and achievements.
Angyts.eth from OpenDAO

Date: 2022/Feb/15


OpenDAO will start a merchandise shop powered by 5ricestudio, at


Merchandise can be a strong off chain revenue source. 
It will strengthen the identity of the community. 
This can become a platform for our ecosystem to leverage on in the future.

Note: There is a simultaneous proposal with metafactory. That is for limited edition and event based drops. This shop is for long term support.

5ricestudio’s Vision and Proposal

I truly believe apparel is a way for people to express their individual self as well as a way to show their support for something they believe in. My vision for this partnership is to help bring value to The OpenDAO and all of its community through apparel and merch. I want to help connect the community with gear that we can all wear proudly which in turn will bring more awareness to The OpenDAO.

I would like to start with a store that can be used to purchase OpenDAO merch. We can have designs created / voted on by the community to ensure we keep the heart and soul of the DAO even in the designing phase of the merch. As we continue to grow together, the future plans would be to allow OpenDAO holders the opportunity to open their own shops within the OpenDAO ecosystem and provide a platform for holders to host their own shops. We would continue to handle the printing / shipping for all shops within The OpenDAO and bring each shop owner’s vision to life. 
One huge opportunity we can create is the ability to bring merch to the Metaverse when the Metaverse is at the stage it needs to be. Having the capability to bring merch to the metaverse or to your NFTs is one thing we can bring to reality as time progresses. We can rep our OpenDAO merch in real life as well as in the Metaverse! We will all help make The OpenDAO a global movement and recognized name. 
My main goal is to bring value to TheOpenDAO and its community. Thank you so much for the opportunity to present myself and ideas to the community and hopefully continue to find ways to bring more value to you all.

OpenDAO’s Vision

To create a decentralized community of digital natives united by the common goals of:

  • Building $SOS to be the central asset for the metaverse and web3 communities;
  • Bridging the gap between existing intellectual property and the metaverse;
  • Building core infrastructure for the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) ecosystem.

OpenDAO’s Proposal

Main objectives:

  • Create a merchandise shop at Shop should accept all sorts of payment modes. (Use shopify)
  • To start with highly curated art to print first. Later on, to allow user submission of art on art consensus platform, which is in development.

Stretch goals:

  • Reward user purchases on the shop. Return them $SOS and give them OATs
  • And generate revenue for the treasury.
  • Innovate in the merchandise space. 
  • Push the limits of blockchain and apparel technology. 
  • One-of-one apparel linked to the blockchain.
  • Create a platform to allow our ecosystem players to create sub merchandise stores easily. i.e. 

Budget and Financials:

Development and printing costs to be fronted by 5ricestudio.

Marketing costs to be fronted by OpenDAO.

5ricestudio will charge a base fee per item sold, and the rest is returned to the treasury. 
Ie. For a $30 shirt, $15 will go to 5ricestudio, and $15 will go to OpenDAO, out of which $10 could become $SOS airdrop back to the purchaser, and $5 will go to the treasury.

If the revenue is strong, this can help support buying pressure of $SOS.

Key Objectives and timelines

Main Goal:

  • The goals and objectives I have are to bring value to the community and all holders within. The majority if not all printing will be done on a print on demand style printing. This means the store will be created, the merch will be ordered, within 2-3 weeks of order the garments will be completed and shipped. Doing print on demand style printing gives everyone the opportunity to order merch as needed. 

Sub goals and timeline:

  • Creation of the shop within 1 month if this proposal is voted on positively.
  • Upon choosing the type of garments that will be used, we will compile a pricing structure of a flat fee per garment to ensure there is a specific cost and distribution to all parties. 
  • Cost of shipping will be separate due to the difference in cost of garments vs their destination. 
  • Merch to be shipped within 3 weeks of ordering in 80% of the cases. (Some leeway given for supply chain issues)
  • 0% wastage and 0 storage space needed.
  • We will also offer limited / seasonal drops at least once a year. For limited drops where we anticipate huge buying demand, We will have a “pre-sign up list” where we can know exactly how many garments need to be made.

Discord Poll: 

Reference: This document

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FTLegalMar 4, 2022

A great initiative! This can also be paired with our upcoming 20k NFT collection to add value to it.
Many thanks!

Blue.DohenyMar 4, 2022

Love the idea of pairing w the 20k collection ! Looking forward to building value for TheOpenDAO and its community 🙏

jt603Mar 4, 2022

our opendao shop ,thank you

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