Relaunch of a team of collaborators
Feb 7, 2023


As we all know, SOSIP #22 of July 2022 stopped payments to contributors, which has shown throughout all these months that it is almost impossible to maintain such a large community and such an ambitious project without people dedicated almost exclusively to it. .
During these 7 months, the vast majority of the people in charge of the maintenance and development of the platform have decided to move away towards other personal projects, which is reasonable from every point of view. At the same time we have seen how little by little the interest of the community in the DAO has been gradually disappearing. Today, in my humble opinion, the platform is sustained only by the hope of seeing it again as it should be, but this will not happen magically: people in charge are needed here to support the community as well as to believe in the project and develop ideas and content to that end.

Being evident that the distancing of people resulting from the vote last July was the main cause of the drop in interest in the community as well as the projects that are currently frozen, I understand that it is necessary to reestablish a paid work team for this purpose, and although we are still in a low budget situation due to market conditions, I think that we cannot wait any longer to relaunch The OpenDAO if we want it to be successful.

That said, my proposal is to put together a smaller work team with the people who are still involved, with a level of responsibilities and salaries appropriate to the present that will be in charge of keeping the community together, seeking external collaborations, proposing ideas and carrying them out. .
Regarding the technical part, I understand that this could be outsourced when required and paid according to its complexity and not permanently unless it is essential.

I think it would be a good idea for collaborators to receive payments in both USD and SOS (maybe 75%/25%) in order to encourage and target our token recovery. I understand that according to SOSIP #5 $2M in SOS moved to the operational wallet (now empty), plus SOSIP #19 to replenish last April, with salaries from $2K to $15K at core level. Unfortunately, the market today does not allow these values nor the level of the treasury to support a team of 54 people as there once was.

I believe that today we need a compact team, made up of few people but dedicated full-time with salaries in line with the current reality of the market, which is why I propose:

- Create a work team of between 6 and 10 people who work together for the development of the DAO and its services - Set only 2 levels: Staff and Mods <
- Staff: responsible for development, ideas, start-up, administration of social networks, etc. Mods in charge of maintaining the community, referring questions or problems to the staff, suggesting changes according to the growth or need of the community.
- Set reasonable salaries for the current market at $4K for staff and $1.5K for mods, paid 75% in USD (using SOS and its current price) and 25% as a fixed amount in SOS <
- Request the treasury the necessary funds for this purpose to cover expenses for 6 months. <
- Request extra funds from the treasury for eventualities or outsourced expenses that may arise during this period <
- Create a new multisig wallet for the operational wallet managed by the admins with 3 signatures needed to move the funds and pay expenses and salaries. <

I understand that there may be doubts and improvements in all of the above, that is why I put it for the consideration of the community so that together we can find the right path to the success that we all want to see for our beloved OpenDAO. Thank you.

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AJDFeb 8, 2023

You have my 100% support

MartynFeb 8, 2023

Sounds like a great idea.
The project definitely needs a new direction.

angyts.ethFeb 8, 2023

this proposal will require about 100 K USD. Might create more selling pressure for the $SOS.

It would be more palatable if we can tie it together with a plan to bootstrap a revenue stream.

HOKIFeb 8, 2023

Keep going mate👍

SpartaFeb 9, 2023

relaunch the team is a good thing. and 50%, 50% is not a nice distribution, Maybe 30%SOS,70%USD, is much better. And I think the next important thing is to make sure the position of SOS,

RoplakFeb 9, 2023

Angyts: I have to say that I do not agree: 20T of SOS were unstaked in the last month and that did not generate any sales pressure (I admit that I was surprised that it did not happen), which encourages me to think that in no way the project is dead. On the other hand, between 1.5 and 2M dollars are traded daily in SOS ($50M/month) so I don't see how 100K could influence the market. Lastly, I don't know how to get to that number, because it seems insufficient for a 6-month period, and too much to be monthly.

I am not focusing on the generation of new resources, I think that we should try to generate value for SOS, the community expects the recovery of the price of the coin and not a new source of income for the DAO, or at least that is what I see in the daily opinions.

CJCHOIFeb 11, 2023

The most important thing is, are the team members willing? This is an important essence. People who used to play sos now are playing lunar, abc, bonk, and hadeswap. sos is completely abandoned~! What if you pay them a salary? They want a solana-based project.
SOS does not proceed because it is eth-based. Just simply tell sos to merge with hadeswap and bonk! that's fast!

CJCHOIFeb 11, 2023

It's not a matter of paying money. Existing development personnel are already doing other things (lunar, abc, hadeswap, bonk ect..). They won't respond, so we have to renew sos based on solana.

CJCHOIFeb 11, 2023

Do you know the bluemove nft exchange based on Aptos? The really fun fact is that we implemented exactly and properly the sos 721fm we wanted to make. I'm angry. what did sos do? Essentially there is no difference between bluemove and 721fm. 999 gave up and aptos persevered and succeeded.

CJCHOIFeb 11, 2023

It's not that they don't work because they don't pay. They don't do sos because they want to do something else. That's the essence! Sos should be renewed and merged with those based on solana!

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